Over quota issues or just not sure what is going on.f you ever want to know what is going on with your email, over quota issues, if it is working (on our end) you can peek into the server by surfing to and logging in with your full email address and password. 9 times out of 10 that is exactly what we will do if you call in to make sure things are working correctly.

If you are not sure if incoming mail is working,Email yourself from another email account. If you get the mail, mail is working correctly.

Disappearing emailIn almost all cases, if you are looking at a piece of email and it disappears, it is because something else is popping your mail. That means another device is grabbing the mail and taking off the server. If you are not sure what device is doing it, the best way is to have us change your password.

General Wireless Checks

Doing a speedtest?

You can surf over to and hover over the small green triangle in the middle of the screen you should be able to select "Netwurx" from the list. This should only be done after rebooting your equipment and bypassing the router. It is exactly what we will have you do to call in otherwise other things on your network could be using it at the time the speedtest is being done slowing things down.

Proper Reboot Sequence?

Pull the power from the SM (generally AC adapter with a small green light on the back of it) until you see the light die off, then plug it back in. Wait 5 minutes then reboot your router, then your devices.

How can you tell if it is my Internet or my router?

This one is a little harder, most of our users can just bypass their router (take the plug out of the port in your router labeled Internet, plug it into your PC) and see if you can surf, if you can, the problem is your router. If you can not either you do not have that ability (call CS to check) or the Internet may be down. Either way you should contact us to find out.


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