High Speed Setup

What type of equipment and installation are required? A typical installation involves mounting a Subscriber Module (Also known as a Paddle/SM/Antenna) on the roof or under an eave, and then running a single cable into the building. Once inside, the cable plugs into a router or directly into your PC.

How do I know if I qualify? Our wireless team will double check your location at your request and will be able to tell you over the phone if you qualify. In rare cases we may send someone out to check for a signal if your address does not register.

Is router support included?Not unless you have a managed router from Netwurx. We are happy to attempt to support your internal networking for a fee. However, it does not come with the service.

Do I need a router?In most cases, yes. It depends on the type of gear that is available at your location. The tech you speak with on the phone should be able to answer that.

Will this allow my devices to connect wirelessly? No, when we say "wireless", we mean the signal is transmitted wirelessly from our tower to the antenna at your home or business, typically mounted on the roof. Once the cable from the antenna is inside your home, you can then plug it into a wireless router to have WiFi throughout your home.

How do I know what you can and can not support with my network? Please take a look at "what we don't do". As with anything, if you want to pay us to do something special. We will happily oblige.

Email Setup

These settings will work in any email client, phone or tablet.

Email Settings:

Incoming mail: POP3 OR IMAP*

POP3 or IMAP server: mail.netwurx.net

Incoming mail user ID: yourfullemailaddress.com

Password: password

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server name: mail.netwurx.net

Outgoing mail authentication turned ON

Port: Port: 587 (default is 25)

*IMAP stores messages on the server instead of downloading them to your device like a POP3 setup would. Because messages are store on the server, an IMAP setup may cause your mailbox to go over quota if it is not cleaned out regularly.

Email FAQ's

People trying to send Email to you are getting messages bounced back to them.It is possible that your mailbox is over quota. To verify this, log into webmail using your full email address and password. Once you are in, look at the bottom left corner to see your quota. If the bar is red or above 90%, it is possible that messages are being returned to the sender. If that's the case, clear out any old or unwanted Email from your folders and be sure to empty the Trash folder as well.

I was able to send mail yesterday but I get an error when trying to send mail today. Please call our customer service center, it is possible your Email account has been compromised. There is a 150 email send quota per day. If that quota has been reached, our mail server stops the ability for your account to send mail until the next day.

What can I do about spam?You can forward your spam messages to reportspam@netwurx.net this helps to train the spam filters.

FTP Setup

Customers with web pages can use these settings to FTP into their web page.

FTP Settings::

Host name: www.yourdomainname.com

User ID: yourusername

Password: yourpassword

Root Folder (non windows hosting): Public_html

Control panel log in : www.yourdomainname.com:2222

Control panel log in: Same as your FTP log in

Control panel password: Same as your FTP password.


My Website seems to have published however the changes are not showing up. You need to be sure that when you are publishing, the files are uploaded into the correct folder. In most cases, it is in the Public_html folder. Also, your front page needs to be named index.html (or .PHP). If you have just made DNS or zone changes, it can take up to 24 hours for changes to be seen.

Do you offer any developing tools? Yes, if you are on one of our Direct Admin servers, there is an application installer called Installatron. Using Installatron, you can pick from a large variety of 3rd party development tools like WordPress, Drupal etc. They are all free and you can also configure Installatron to install updates automatically

Do you offer web development?Yes! We not only do website development but we also take care of domain registration and email associated to your website. Please contact us for more information! We do everything from massive sites to small, one page info sites.