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Privacy Policy

Netwurx is committed to preserving the privacy of its customers and protecting their personal data. Netwurx personnel do not actively monitor customer activity on the Internet, email, or other communications in the regular course of business.

Information we collect

We keep information about our customers such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and details about services provided & customer service inquiries. In addition we collect a number of metrics for network planning and troubleshooting purposes.

Third parties

Netwurx may collect and share non personally identifiable information including traffic flow data and DNS requests with selected 3rd parties for purposes of network, security, and market research. Traffic contents including email and web page content is not shared except when necessary for security response or troubleshooting.

Law enforcement

It is the policy of Netwurx to cooperate fully with any law enforcement inquiry, however subscriber information will not be disclosed until we have received a subpoena or warrant.

Protection of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Certain information about voice (VoIP) services that you may have from Netwurx are subject to additional privacy protections and regulation.

This section describes the specially protected information and how we protect it. 

What is CPNI?

CPNI specifically refers to information about how your voice service is configured and how you use it. This includes what numbers you call and for how long and what features you use.

There are some aspects of your voice service that are not considered CPNI by law but for the sake of simplicity and consistency it is Netwurx's policy to treat all information about our voice customers as CPNI and protect it accordingly.

How this affects you

We have to take extra steps to verify your identity when you contact us. We realize that this can be frustrating if you just have a quick question about your bill or want to report a problem with your voicemail light. We pride ourselves on recognizing our customers and providing personal service and realize that the extra steps to verify your identity can seem onerous or "big telephone company". For better or worse the law requires us to be extra cautious about telephone information. Please bear with us as we take extra steps to keep your information safe.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Call Detail Records (who you called, who called you, and how long the call lasted) will never be given out over the phone. You may request that we email them to you provided your email address has been on file and unchanged for at least 30 days. You may also request that we mail them to you provided your mailing address has been on file and unchanged for at least 30 days. You may be able to access your call detail records through our web site or your phone system portal. If we provide that capability you'll need to use a username and password. Password resets will only be sent to your email address of record that has been on file and unchanged for at least 30 days.

Requests for Call Detail Records may be made by phone, mail, or email. Any requests for Call Details Records received through email will be fulfilled through postal mail to your address of record that has been on filed and unchanged for at least 30 days.

Disclosure of CPNI to third parties

We don't disclose your CPNI to third parties for any reason except in response to a valid law enforcement inquiry or troubleshooting technical problems with our providers.

We don't provide your CPNI to third parties for marketing.

Use of CPNI in marketing

We don't use CPNI for marketing. If we change our mind we'll provide a means to opt out of that use here and notify anyone affected of their ability to opt out at least 60 days prior to any marketing use.