Mail Server Maintanance COMPLETE

Mail Server Maintanance COMPLETE

The following work was completed shortly after 4 PM Sunday.

Mail server Maintenance reminder

NetwurX will be taking email services down Saturday the 21st to work on moving email over to a faster, more robust server. This new server will also allow for better email monitoring and more redundancy. Please be advised during this time you will not be able to download any new mail or send out email. It is possible that your webmail or email programs will also give you errors when trying to send or receive email. We will be spooling up any incoming email during this time and delivering it to your email box after the move is complete.

Date: Saturday April 21st

Time: 9am to Sunday afternoon

Services effected: All email services


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, we will re send this email 1 more time before we start to update you of any changes. As a reminder you will need to be sure to use your full email address for the user ID when logging into email after this update.