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Who is NetwurX?
Commitment to Excellence! This is the backbone NetwurX started with and continues to be our Number 1 Priority. NetwurX is the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in Southeastern Wisconsin. The reason? Our customer's are happy! They are happy, and are willing to tell their friends and associates. That says a lot about our company, and is the number 1 reason NetwurX gets so many new sign-ups. We provide Wireless connections, Dial up services, Web page hosting, Domain hosting, dedicated connections, Wireless connections and E-mail.

Why Choose NetwurX?
Commitment to Excellence! We cannot say it enough. Our number one goal is to ensure you have the highest quality experience both online, and with our Customer Service. Our Network department is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our network and services for you. Our Customer Service center is staffed with well trained, and friendly technicians who are waiting to assist you with any questions you may have. Honesty! We continuously strive to maintain the highest quality service for our customers. At times our extraordinarily high growth has caused us to experience some growing pains. We have and always will treat these instances with honesty to our customers and employees. We will continue to be honest with our customers if ever an unexpected situation arises.


Where did NetwurX begin?
NetwurX, Inc. started in a basement in Slinger, WI. Through word of mouth and quality service, NetwurX quickly outgrew the basement facilities. NetwurX then moved to a new, completely state of the art facility in Downtown Milwaukee. Again, NetwurX had outgrown the office and opened an additional office back to where it all began in Washington County. Our current Administrative office is located in North Lake, WI at N78 W31401 Kilbourne Road. We currently employ around 17 people, all here to provide our promise of excellence to our customers. As well as providing Internet Services, NetwurX has also started a NetwurX Customer Service Center. We have used our strengths to now assist other ISP's throughout the U.S. with quality customer service. NetwurX, Inc., also expanded its network operations to assist other national ISP's with the building and maintenance of their networks. We attribute our growth and success to strong leadership, quality service, and a never ending commitment to our customers.



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